Mitigating the spread of germs and viruses is now a critical priority for every public space. Hand sanitation dispensers have become a key element in reopening strategies as the pandemic continues to be a public health crisis.

Workplaces, schools and other venues are seeking high-capacity hand sanitizer dispensers that are effective, affordable and easy to deploy. IDEAL by Walbro now offers dispensers and sanitizer that address all three needs.

Highly Effective Dispensers and Hand Sanitizer

The IDEAL EZ TouchTop Dispenser provides you with a design that requires minimal skin contact when dispensing. It’s versatile for a variety of applications. These easy-to-assemble, made-in-the-USA dispensers make a significant difference in large-scale use.

IDEAL hand sanitizer uses benzalkonium chloride (BAC) to kill germs and viruses. It contains no alcohol, which means it’s not a hazard. Alcohol-based sanitizers are seeing numerous recalls.

There are also concerns around flammability while the product sits in storage. Because it does not use alcohol, it’s not subject to the hazardous material shipping regulations.

It’s one of only three FDA-recognized monographs for over-the-counter hand rubs. It’s the only formulation that’s not flammable or toxic.

Its continued use is fine for sensitive skin, as the inclusion of emollients leaves hands soft, not dry or irritated. It has a signature scent, as well, that’s appealing and not overpowering.

Save Big with High-Volume Orders

Our approach to offering these solutions is to make it as cost-effective as possible. Our pricing is typically 50-70% lower than what’s available on the market. The concept is high-volume, so you aren’t continuously refilling and replacing.

You can achieve savings related to shipping, storing and handling, as well. These activities seem inconsequential, but the labor and time to do them are hidden costs. You can reduce these considerably. The units soon pay for themselves.

We also offer a quantity discount for dispensers and sanitizer. Our customer loyalty program allows organizations that initially purchase a four or eight-gallon hand sanitizer case quantity can then buy refills at a lower cost.

Easy to Deploy and Maintain

Smaller hand sanitizers require constant monitoring, as they become empty faster. The EZ TouchTop has a five-gallon capacity, good for around 17,000 dispersions, but is compact in design.

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the dispenser is high impact, durable, and scratch-resistant. Use it indoors or outdoors with no concerns. It also has a corrosion-resistant nozzle and is 100% recyclable.

Find a Better Hand Sanitation Station Solution

With our large volume approach to hand sanitation, you have a better alternative. The product is effective, affordable and easy to setup. Our hand sanitizer is safe and gentle but kills germs and viruses.

After 70 years of bringing innovative products in fluid delivery applications, we are happy to expand our services product offerings with IDEAL by Walbro. We want to ensure you have a solution that meets your needs while also ensuring the health, and safety and peace of mind of for your customers, employees and guests

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