High-Capacity Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Can Cut Costs by 70%

IDEAL Dispenser Stands

Our Dispenser Stands provide the most economical Hand Sanitizer Dispensing System that saves time, labor and total cost in hand hygiene.

  • We offer 1 and 4 Gallon Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands,
    with Touchless or TouchTop dispensing.
  • IDEAL for low cost, high volume/high traffic/high demand usage
  • Our products provide the recommended quantity of sanitizer allowing for sanitizing of up to 15,000 pairs of hands before refilling
  • Dispenser Stands also house an additional inventory of hand sanitizer within the stand
  • Our units, strategically placed in your facility can effectively replace a dozen or more of other types of smaller, numerous dispensers
  • Our Dispenser Systems dramatically reduce the time, labor and cost of making Hand Sanitizer available to the people within your facilities
  • Rugged designed constructed with a solid metal frame, sheet metal and coroplast
  • ADA height compliant
  • Available fully assembled or knock down which is easily assembled within ~12 minutes
  • Custom color, signage and messaging available at a modest up-charge
  • Signage/messaging can be easily changed for promotions, messages, instructions, etc.
  • Retail Price
    • Touchtop 4 Gallon Dispenser Stand: $499.00 
    • Touchless Foot Pump 4 Gallon Dispenser Stan: $549.00
    • TouchTop 1 Gallon Dispenser Stand with LVDC: $349.00
    • Touchless 1 Gallon Dispenser Stand with LVD: $499.00

IDEAL TouchTop and Touchless Dispensers

Hand Sanitizing Dispensers STS-1 and STS-2

  • Cost-effective, high volume hand sanitizing dispensers
  • Fill once to allow for almost 15,000 dispenses of hand sanitizer
  • Durable EZ Touch dispensing bulb, tried and proven over 30+ years
  • High impact, durable, scratch resistant
  • Corrosion resistant nozzle
  • 100% recyclable
  • Manufactured of high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Weather resistant materials for indoor or outdoor usage
  • Quantity discounts available for dispensers and hand sanitizer
  • QR Codes on dispenser and refills for quick and easy re-ordering of sanitizer
  • Retail Price:
    • Dispenser Tank with TouchTop Pump: $159.00
    • Dispenser Tank with Touchless Foot Pump: $199.00



› Saves significant time and labor

› Lowest total cost in keeping hand sanitizer available

› Can sanitize up to 30,000 pairs of hands before needing replenishment